Let's talk snacking!

Ever eaten a snack before? Good, us too. Ever eaten a snack that made you feel bleh? Unfortunately, us too. In fact, it seemed to happen to us (and our friends) way too often. That got us thinking… isn’t the point of snacking to lift us up and make us feel good? Snacks are the food we eat to de-stress, treat ourselves and celebrate. Not the food we consume to feel guilty about after peeking at the nutrition label, and certainly not the food that falls into the doesn’t-taste-so-good-but-whatever-it’s-healthy category. Let’s eat snacks that actually do what they’re supposed to do… make us feel good, from the mouth to the body and the mind. That’s what we call healthy snacking for your tastebuds and mindbuds!

Snacking for your tastebuds and mindbuds is a concept that we came up with that reflects how our team feels about the way snacking should be. To us, snacking isn’t just about taste, and those few seconds after you put a snack into your mouth. A good snack should be tasty, of course, but it should also affect your body and your mind in all of the right ways. Whole body happiness, if you will. It was with that concept in mind that we developed our choco-quinoa bites.

They’re an indulgence. Chocolatey, crunchy and delicious… everything a good indulgence should be. But they’re a better-for-you indulgence, meaning that we’ve thoughtfully crafted our ingredients to include only the good stuff, the things that your body will thank you for, and none of the bad stuff. Nothing that promotes post-snacking guilt, that’s for sure. And to top it off, we’ve included a mood-boosting blend of adaptogens to keep your mind feeling its best, long after you’ve eaten your helping of choco-quinoa bites.

So...what’s with the name?

You might be wondering how we landed on the name weirdos, a name that has left many ‘industry professionals’ thinking that they heard us wrong.

To us, being weird means being yourself. You doing you. It means wearing those bright green pants. Finally deciding to grow out a mullet. Or starting that TikTok account for you and your parrot. It means pursuing your passion, and it certainly means unapologetically doing whatever makes you the happiest. And since neither of us had a parrot, we decided to start this brand.

We want weirdos to serve as a reminder that your best self is your true self, and we hope you pack our delicious snacks on your journeys, wherever they may take you.

Oh, and also… we think our snacks are pretty weird too. Mood-boosting adaptogens in a snackable indulgence? Weird.


We're all one big team

At weirdos, we want our snacks to bring you happiness. The ingredients to keep you feeling happy. And our brand to remind you to unapologetically do the weird things that make you happy.

Mental wellness is important to us. It’s why we make mood-boosting snacks, and why our brand stands for doing the things that bring you joy. That said, in a world full of social pressure, being unapologetically yourself is definitely easier said than done.

We’ve been there. And while we hope weirdos can serve as a force for good, we wanted to ensure that our actions fully matched our words. That’s why we partnered with Project Healthy Minds, a non-profit organization on a mission to confront the mental health crisis head on. A portion of our profits will always support mental health.